Shade Sizes

How do I know what size Shade to order

Please use the Shade Sizing tool on the LinkShades.com web page

Is there a Video for Set-up?

Yes, Please go to the Install Page

Physically Assembling the Shade and Mounting the Shade

How far apart should the mounting hardware be?

The outside distance between the two brackets should be 1/8” wider than the Shade Stated Width

I am having problems closing my Control Box Cover

Make sure that the wire ribbon cable is not pinching on the center vertical bracket. The wire ribbon cable should pass directly above the center vertical bracket.

Testing the Shade’s Wand Buttons and the Shade’s Motor Movement

After setting up the shade, using the Wand Up and Down Buttons, the shade will not move or the Shade moves ¼” only in either direction

  • Make sure that all the connections are correct
  • Motor Wire Harness to the Control Box Wire Harness
  • Make sure that the small pins are not bent
  • Make sure that the male and female are solidly connected
  • Wand Jack to the Control Box
  • Make sure that the Wand Jack is pushed all the way in
  • Power supply to the Control Box
  • Make sure that the power supply is pushed all the way in
  • Power supply to the wall outlet
  • Make sure that the power supply is plugged in
  • After checking the connections, if the shade still does not move correctly, or FREEZES, pls email Info@linkshades.com. We would like to follow-up with a scheduled phone call to resolve the problem. Please let us know the phone #, day and time that we should call you.

The Shade moves correctly, but it makes a Clicking Noise every time the tube turns

The shade mounting hardware is slightly too far apart. Slightly Re-adjust the position of one of the mounting brackets.


Connecting to Wifi

I forgot to write down the Shade ID

  • Unplug your shade, plug it back in.
  • Hold the Up and Down Buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds
  • This will put the Shade back into Wifi Set-up Mode
  • Go to your Phone’s Settings 3. Write down the Shade ID
  • Connect to the Wifi a. Note: Upon connecting to Wifi, The Control Box LED will turn solid blue for 3 seconds and then go OFF

Setting the Shade’s Top and Bottom Limits

I cannot get the Shade into Program Mode

    • Make sure that the Wand Jack is pushed all the way in.
    • Hold the Program Button on the bottom of the wand for 15 seconds. After you hear 3 beeps, wait 3 seconds and proceed to setting the Upper Limit and then the Lower Limit.
    • If your limits were set at an incorrect position, you can go back into Program Mode and re-set the limits.

On the LinkShades App, I cannot add the Shade

Shade ID is only numbers, no letters

Control Box LED

Why is the LED lighting up and sometimes blinking?

LED State Condition Two fast blinks Wifi is not connected Slow Blink Wifi is connected to your router, but there is no internet connection, or the LinkShades server is not responding Solid On Wifi connection is good and the LinkShades server is responding. After 3 seconds it will go Off. Note: At the end of Wifi Set-up and after re-connecting power, the Solid LED will glow for 3 seconds and then turn-off. During normal operation of the shade, customers have requested that the Blue LED not be glowing QuickBlink LinkShades is running a Software Update Off There is no Power to the Wifi Module

My Shade Percentage Up/Down is Off

Check to make sure that your Shade Top and Bottom Limits are set where you want them to be b. Re-Configure your Shades Time (in seconds) from the Top Limit to the Bottom Limit

Use the LinkShades App (https://app.linkshades.com) to Configure /re-calibrate Shade.

If you fail to Configure your Shade, the timing will be the Factory Default, which is generally different from your actual timing. This will cause the Shade to move to the wrong position.

Setting up Alexa

Is there a Video for setting up Alexa?

Yes, please use this Link.

LinkShades Warranty and Return Policy

LinkShades Warranty

All LinkShades come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty b. Return Policy

We work with our customers to resolve any issues. In case of manufacturing defect, LinkShades will replace any defective part. LinkShades products have a 1 year warranty.

If a customer orders an incorrect size or fabric, buyers are responsible for the freight back to the LinkShades.